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Inviato da Admin 06 Lug 2007 - 19:04

E' stata rilasciata la nuova versione di Aircrack 0.9.1 sia per piattaforma linux che windows.
I programmi sono disponibili nell'area Download -- WEP WPA LEAP Cracking

Ecco le novità della nuova versione:

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airodump-ng: wlan-ng driver now works again.
airodump-ng: Fixed IP address when writing to CSV file
airodump-ng: Fixed debian bug #417388: it doesn’t restore terminal after error
aircrack-ng: Fixed WPA cracking on SMP computers
aircrack-ng: Fixed bug in calc_pmk() function causes wrong PMK to be computed
airmon-ng: Fixed madwifi-ng wifiX detection (due to translation in ifconfig)
patches: Added ACX injection patch
patches: Updated rtl8187 patch for 2.6.21
GUI (win): Added PTW option to aircrack-ng tab.
GUI (win): Fixed a bug when cracking with a wordlist.

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